Sermon Notes-"Stones" based on Acts 7:54-60

Introduction: I wanted to title the message today “Stoned” but decided that might have a different meaning.   But the more I studied and prayed the more I realized I was to preach this passage while highlighting the “stones” that we throw at one another in the church.   So, as I mention those I will move a stone from the pile to the steps as a symbol of laying it down instead of continuing to use against brothers and sisters. Review- vs. 54 Who is Stephen?-Ch. 6-Seven chosen including Stephen were to be good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom, he was full of faith, Stephen was full of grace and power and was doing great signs and wonders, as Brad said he was the head of the hospitality committee- Religion (law and temple) Now when they heard these things—ground their teeth gnashing the teeth is a sign of hostility and rage [1] Vs. 51-Stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit- C

Sermon Notes-"Pick Me" based on Acts 6:1-15

Introduction: Today’s message is titled, “Pick Me”.   There are several examples of how we have experienced being picked in life.   My first memory of this would be on the playground picking teams for kickball.   A later example of this is when you applied for your first job.   You presented your qualifications and you hoped they would pick you over the other candidates.   A more recent phenomenon is in the area of reality shows or music competitions like American Idol or The Voice.   Contestants compete for the one spot and again are chosen based on abilities.   Our Scripture today looks at a different type of being picked today. Picked from Complaint- vs. 1-6 ·          The Problem-Vs. 1-As more and more people became disciples (followers of Jesus), it created a problem.   It was a great problem to have but it still needed to be addressed.   The Hellenists (Greek speaking Jews) complained that their “widows were being neglected in daily distribution” (of food-caring for widows)

Sermon Notes-"Advent Equip: Identity in Jesus"

Introduction: Who am I? is one of the most important and deepest questions we each must answer.   Write down 3-5 words that describe who you are. We are going to look at identity from the world’s perspective, prophecies about Jesus’ birth, and then what it means for us. Where- Our identity is influenced by our birth ·          World -I was born in the United States in Iola, KS. I grew up in Yates Center, a small town in Southeast Kansas. It was a rural community. My family was in the grocery business. I was mostly well behaved because my parents said if I ever did anything wrong that they would find out about it.   And that was true.   These things influenced who I was.   Your birthplace is different than mine so you were shaped in different ways (big city, urban, suburban) But we are also similar in that many of us were born in the United States.   If we were born in a different country, our identity would be different. ·          Jesus -Micah 5:2; Luke 2:4 o    Micah 5:2- But

Sermon Notes-"Reaction to Response" based on Acts 3:11-26

  Reaction ·          Vs. 11-12-People Amazed & Peter speaks o    The Lame beggar being healed prompted a reaction from the people and it leads them to want to know more.   This is a typical response to signs and wonders in the Bible and in the present. o    Peter asks them WHY do you wonder and WHY stare at us §   What God did in the past, He is still doing in the present and will continue to do in the future.   Healing did not stop in the book of Acts. §   It was not the power or piety of Peter that did the miracle.   The power is from the Spirit and based on who God is not who we are. ·          an undue focus on the human agents of divine healing could detract from the glory of God [1] ·          Such a mighty work was not a demonstration of the ‘ power ’ of the apostles. Neither can it be imagined that God has shown his power because of their ‘ godliness [2] ·          I think we have here a good theology of healing-is it still available (His Word, Ask God), no