Future of the Blog

Thank you to all who have read my blog over the years! My first post was April 30, 2009.  I have enjoyed blogging over the past 10 years.  However, it is time to devote the time I have used to post daily to other things.  I will not be deleting the blog as I will occasionally post thoughts but I do not plan to regularly post.  I will use Twitter to alert you when I blog moving forward.

It is a little sad, but it is the right thing to do at this time.  Feel free to continue to follow me on social media through my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Blessings to you and your family!

You Are Gifted

1  “We have different gifts,according to the grace given to each of us.” (Romans 12:6)

Favorite Author Friday

Who is your favorite author?  There are many great authors out there.  I will be sharing over the next several months authors who have helped me grow in grace and the gospel.  I will try and include images of some of my favorite books by them. These will be shared in alphabetical order.
Author: Kyle Idleman

God is...

Last year, I wrote a curriculum for our 2nd-4th grade classes at our mid-week program at church called Hide N Seek.  The curriculum focused on who God is. As part of that curriculum, my friend Brittni Rhodes, made images to convey the truth about who God is.  I would like to start sharing these images weekly as a reminder of the good, great, and awesome God we have.  

Image Inspiration

Some of you may know that I serve part-time as social media coordinator for USMB conference.  One of the things I have done on their social media is share Bible verses with images that tie in with the words.  I decided to start sharing them weekly here on the blog. I hope you grow in your understanding of who God is from these verses.

Gospel Playlist

This is a regular feature now that replaced "Playing on the Radio." This week, I am sharing hymns that point me to Jesus.

Quotes from Books I am reading

Currently, I have several books I am reading.  Here are a few quotes from recent chapters:

Miracles are associated in the Bible with the prophetic office far more frequently than they are with priests or with kings.

The miracles that God worked through prophets were not merely acts of raw power to compel awe. The form of the miracle reinforced the message delivered in the words that the Lord gave his prophets.

The message that the Lord conveyed through prophets can be summed up in the contrasting terms prosecution and promise.

Contentment trusts God to be God.

We don't find our strength in the stuff of the world; we find it in the work of the Spirit. But to be filled with the Spirit and learn this supernatural contentment, we must often be emptied by the Spirit of all else that might satisfy.

Fasting from anything is a sign that we are denying "more" and saying "enough."

Prayer and fasting are expressions (and embracings) of our weakness and, as such, provide m…