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Kansas Family Strengthening Summit-Day 2

Be sure to read about Day 1 to better understand the context for this post. On Day 2 of Kansas Family Strengthening Summit, we picked 3 workshops to attend throughout the day.

The first workshop I attended was led by Lief Noll of PREP on the topic of fatherhood. He shared about some great work being done in the state of Ohio in the area of fatherhood. We started by talking about assumptions we and others have about fathers. We then transitioned into what were the ideals of fatherhood. Most of the workshop was breaking into 4 groups to discuss specific areas related to fatherhood.

The first group was to brainstorm the ideal fatherhood program. They came up with resources that are appealing, using the same curriculum, and adequate funding. Three areas guided their work: loving, coaching, mentoring. Under loving, they would provide activities and events. Coaching would focus on skills and responsibility. Mentoring would provide 24/7 support for the fathers.

The second group dis…

Kansas Family Strengthening Summit-Day 1

I had the privilege of attending the Kansas Family Strengthening Summit on the campuses of Kansas Newman & Friends University on June 8-9. This was the first summit and from my standpoint was a great success.

There were several key leaders from Topeka in attendance. We heard from Mike Pompeo, congressman from 4th district. To be honest, his wife stole the show. He was followed by Rob Siedlecki, Kansas SRS Secretary who shared about elements of the Kansas Healthy Marriage Initiative. Some things included will be broad based survey, inventory of marriage resources available, public relations campaign, & training SRS staff.

Bill Coffin had the unenviable task of sharing a history of marriage and family programs around the country. He did a great job summarizing a lot of history and keeping it interesting. He shared about 3 essential elements in a healthy marriage and they are commitment, communication, and conflict resolution. He guessed that only about 25% of marriages h…

What I Am Reading

Here are the books I am reading right now:Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick
Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath
Why We Love the Church by DeYoung & Kluck
Have A New Kid By Friday by Kevin Leman
Who Stole My Church by Gordon MacDonald
Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony


Looking for ideas how to help your kids get more out of the worship service. See these ideas from Awana.


Highs of the Week

I have not posted a highs of the week in quite some time. This idea comes from a regular occurrence at our house. At the dinner table each night we go around the table and share our high of the day. So, here are my highs for this past week:
Last Saturday-Date Night with Bethany-dinner at On the Border and of course ice cream to end the date.Ice Cream to celebrate the beginning of summer at Twisted CowSeveral trips to the pool with the kidsBoard games with the kids on MondayMegan & Kenzie's first ballgamesPlanning with the pastorsLunch at Wendy's with Bethany
Church family trip to McPherson Water Park

Summer has begun!

Tonight, marks the beginning of summer for me. It has been the "tradition" for the last several years to kick off summer ministry activities by heading to McPherson Water Park. They have a great deal on Friday nights from 5-8 p.m. where you can get your entire family into the water park for $7. Several families from Hesston MB attended tonight and it was a lot of fun. The water was freezing, but it was not too bad because it was so warm outside. Thanks to all who came out tonight!

Another sure sign of summer the busyness of the month of June. Most evenings are busy with going to kids' ballgames. Starting next week, the oldest three begin tennis camp & basketball camp plus games in the evening. The following week is our community Vacation Bible School. The week after I am excited about attending the Association of Marriage & Family Ministry Conference in Dallas, Texas. I have a feeling I will look back at the month of June and realize it has flown by.

I am…