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Give Them Grace

I just finished reading the book Give Them Grace by Fitzpatrick & Thompson.  It will be a challenging read for parents because it goes against much of the parenting advice you get from the world and even within Christian circles.  Their premise is that our children don't need more rules, but more grace.  Before you quit reading, they do not advocate for anarchy in the home.  But rather want parents to think through what their discipline and parenting is speaking to their children.  Do our kids think if they try harder they can be good kids?  Or do we point them to the message of what Jesus has done and how they need him rather than trying harder?

As I read the book, I was stretched and realized how recent conversations with my kids had actually focused more on the law than on grace.  They write, "Grace trains us to rest in what Christ has done for us and to live lives of godly gratitude."  In other words, once we realize what Jesus has done, we will be compelled to …

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Today is Molly's 5th birthday.  She gets to pick where we eat supper tonight.  I am so proud of my kids because each of them took money out of savings to buy her a present this year.  My babies are growing up!

Here are a few pictures of Molly on her big arrival day:

Park and Pool Day 2012

One of my favorite activities each year is Park & Pool Day.  On this day, we invite families from the church to come together for a picnic, kickball game, and swimming.  With the heat we have been having in Kansas, I was not sure if anyone would show up this year until pool time.  However, we had a great time eating and playing kickball.  The pool was a great way to end the day. Here are some pictures that Bethany took during the evening: 

Day 2 of #icrs in Orlando

Here's some pictures from today:

Not A Fan

Today, I met again the author of Not A Fan, Kyle Idleman. My Sunday School class loved the study based on his book. As we talked, he informed me about his new book, gods at war, that comes out later this year. It will be a great companion to Not A Fan.They also have a new study for teens releasing soon. Here's a picture from today:

Monday Morning at #icrs

Here are a few pictures from first morning at Orlando International Christian Retail Show:

#ICRS in Orlando

Today is my last day in the office this week.  Tomorrow, I am going to be packing and leaving for the International Christian Retail Show in Orlando, FL.  Bethany and I are looking forward to the trip together.  We attended the show last year in Atlanta, GA.  It is actually work for Bethany, but a vacation for me.  I get to go along and meet authors and artists and get lots of free books.  Not to mention, I will be hitting the beach at least one of the days. 

I wonder which authors and artists we will meet this year.  Check back starting Monday to find out and for pictures from the show.

Family Service Project

Today, we had fun serving with World Impact at their Thrift Store. All the kids & adults worked hard & even had some fun. Here are a few pictures:

Thanks to all who came to serve!

The Bachelor (sort of)

I am a bachelor for the next 48 hours.  Well, sort of.  Bethany is in OKC for a book table through late Saturday night.  So, it is just me and the kids.  So, what will we do?

Will we just eat junk food, stay up late, leave trash all around the house?  Nope.  Because I'm a responsible dad.  It upsets me to watch TV shows and movies where dads are seen as goofballs who are incapable of taking care of the kids.  And especially those that portray dads as incompetent and uninvolved in their children's lives.  Shame on Hollywood for perpetuating this image.

Dads, let's prove Hollywood and culture wrong and be the dads we are called to be.  Dads who care for our children well, have fun with our kids, attend their activities, show them they are loved no matter what, and most importantly teach them what it means to follow Christ.

Now, where did Molly go?

Resource List

Last week, one of my friends requested a list of resources I would recommend.  So, here is a list that I will provide for the families at my church for the 2012-2013 school year.

Resource List Hesston MB Church
Anthony, Michelle. Spiritual Parenting. Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2010
Castleman, Robbie.Parenting in the Pew.Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1993.
Fitzpatrick, Elyse and Jessica Thompson. Give Them Grace. Wheaton: Crossway, 2011.
Fowler, Larry.Raising A Modern Day Joseph.Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2009.
Haynes, Brian. The Legacy Path. Nashville: Randall House, 2011.
Holmen, Mark.Faith Begins At Home.Ventura: Regal, 2005.
Ingram, Chip.Effective Parenting in a Defective World.Carol Stream: Tyndale House, 2006.
Kimmel, Tim.Grace Based Parenting.Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2004.
Powell, Kara and Chap Clark. Sticky Faith. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011 Rienow, Rob.Visionary Parenting.Nashville: Randall House, 2009.
Tripp, Tedd.Shepherding a Child’s Heart.Pennsylvani…

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy time with your friends & family. The kids & I enjoyed time at Rock River Rapids in Derby.

Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

I began reading Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler last week.  And even though I only got through the introduction, I am excited about the content of this book.  You might notice a theme in the books I am currently reading.  All of them are focused on the gospel.  You might say, "All Christian books are, right?"  I would encourage you to look to the Scriptures and see how you would personally define the "gospel."

Here are just a few quotes from the introduction:

Dave Harvey writes, "The Gospel is the heart of the Bible. Everything in Scripture is either preparation for the Gospel, presentation of the Gospel, or participation in the Gospel." "we have a tendency to think that the cross saves us from past sin, but after we are saved, we have to take over and clean ourselves up. This sort of thinking is devastating to the soul." "If you add to or subtract from the cross, even if it is to factor in biblically mandated religious practices like pray…

Family Shepherds

I am reading through Family Shepherds by Voddie Baucham.  It is focused on the role of fathers to lead their families spiritually.  Here are a few quotes from the chapters I read on Thursday:

"The problem is that this family is in the same house, but never share the same space. They share an address and a last name,but they don't share life." Tim Keller is quoted in relation to the gospel by saying, "We never "get beyond the gospel" in our Christian life to something more "advanced." The gospel is not the first "step" in a "stairway" of truths, rather, it is more like a "hub" in a "wheel" of truth. The gospel is not just the A-B-C's but the A to Z of Christianity. The gospel is not just the minimum required doctrine necessary to enter the kingdom, but the way we make all progress in the kingdom." "If Christ's life is the central message, then I have to tell the news.  If my life is the cen…