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The Doctor

Over the last 3 weeks, I have had more visits to the Dr. office than I can remember in probably the last 10 years. That might be an exaggeration, but it seems to be true. I consider myself to be a healthy guy who exercises several times per week. I love to eat so that is an area that I could always improve on.

However, 3 weeks ago, I went to the doctor about a skin issue. To me, it felt like I had an internal sunburn, no itching, but just uncomfortable. I went on steroids, but that did nothing. I even had a steroid injection which didn't touch the burning. After about 2 weeks, I returned to the doctor because the internal burn was slowing going away, but now had several places with itchy skin. My doctor suggested I visit a dermatologist, but something that I said had him decide to run a blood test. It is the test they give to pregnant women where they drink the sugary drink and check blood sugar every hour for 2 hours.

Well, the results came back and I have been diagnosed …

Revolutionary Parenting

I have almost finished reading, "Revolutionary Parenting" by George Barna. It has been a great book. The research behind the book looked at spiritual champions (those who are 18 and above and living a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ) and their parents. After talking with the child, they got permission to also talk with the parents. The book is the compilation of the research gathered about both the child and parent. It then specifically focuses on the things that were in common in the majority of these homes. I encourage you to pick up the book. Here are a few principles from the book:

Embrace parenting as their primary job in lifeFaith experiences in the homeThe most important focus of their children's training was the development of godly characterAffirm the importance of placing limits on childrenModeling the lifestyle and mind-set they desired for their children (respect, patience, love)
Giving up your own needs is part of being a good parentThey integrat…

Blessed by Prayer

On Sunday night, we had prayer meeting at our church. I am always blessed by the time of prayer, but this week was different. Why? I am not sure.

We began our prayer time by singing, Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying. Here are the lyrics:
"Lord, listen to your children praying. Lord, send your Spirit in this place. Lord, listen to your children praying. Send us love, send us power, send us grace."The next 45 minutes flew by as people prayed from the heart. We had many requests to pray about and the Holy Spirit seemed to be moving in a powerful way.

As I reflected on the prayer time, I wondered why prayer meetings are not more popular (for lack of a better word). We have the opportunity and privilege to approach the throne of grace with fellow believers (who we learn from and hear their hearts/passions). We know God asks us to pray and says that as we gather in His name-that He is there. Every time I gather to pray with others, I experience God's presence in…

Highs for the Week

It's been several weeks since I posted my "highs" for the week. Here are my highs from last week:
Being back to work after being gone several days the week before.Taking kids to the pool on Monday while they were off school.D6 DadsReading at the PerkMentoring at the schoolFamily Worship on TuesdayWatching the kids play soccerSwimming & the Perk with Megan on SaturdayFamily Game and time spent together on Friday and SaturdayWorship with the body of Christ at Hesston MB


This week, in our pastoral staff meeting, we were discussing the topic of unity introduced by the book, Unfashionable. As I read chapter 9, I was reminded of Jesus' prayer for us as the body of Christ to be unified. What does this exactly look like? Let me share a few quotes from the book that I think explain it well.

"In contrast, the highest aim of mission-minded people is not self-protection but self-sacrifice. Mission-minded people exist primarily not for themselves but for others. They're willing to set aside personal preferences in service to those with different preferences. They're willing to be inconvenienced, discomforted, and spent for the well-being of others."

"Lacking love for the body (and for any individuals in the body) shows a lack of love for the Head of the body. If we love Christ, we will love one another."

"But when reconciliation, peacemaking, and unity are on display inside the church, that becomes a powerful witness to th…

Valentine's Day

No, this is not a post about the holiday, but instead about the movie. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go on a date with my beautiful wife. We went to Wichita and ate at our favorite restaurant, Carlos O'Kelly's. We had not been to a movie on a date in a long time so I really wanted to go. I chose the movie that everyone has been talking about, Valentine's Day, which included many top names in Hollywood. I will make it clear what I thought.


Spoiler Alert: I will tell what happens in the movie to prove my point because I hope you will choose not to waste your money or time.

This movie, which came out on Friday, and which Hollywood hoped would bring in many romantics because of the holiday, is not good. First of all, it is not funny. Second, it is depressing and not romantic at all. Third, if this is what Hollywood thinks love is then our world is worse than I thought. This gives a horrible picture of love. Why?

Only 2 of the couples in this mov…

Train Ride

Well, I am back from Iowa now. Several had asked me to share about the train ride. So, I decided I would share about on my blog. Let me say that I highly recommend Amtrak and taking the train as a method of travel.

When I boarded the train in Newton, it was supposed to leave at 3 a.m., but it was running 2 hours late. Why? Weather, long stops--no, it hit someone. Yes, that's right, the train I rode hit a drunk pedestrian. He was not killed, but I bet he really has a headache. I have to make note of this to remember this for the future. It brought some great laughs to our family along the way.

What I love about the train:
Even though a lot of the travel was in the dark, you get to see some beautiful sights along the way.
It is a very smooth and quick rideThe seats are roomy and comfortable. It is easy to sleep and relax.Very affordableGreat food in the dining car as well as snack areaGreat places to talk and watch the scenery (observation cars, dining car, and snack car) an…

Grandpa Great

Yesterday, I found out that my Grandpa Worley had died. Grandpa Great was the name given to him by the great grandkids. He had been very sick for a long time now. He had lung cancer. I plan to go to Iowa to his funeral on Thursday. I look forward to spending time with family. On a side note, I am going to be taking the train which will be a first for me.

I told the kids last night that now I do not have any grandparent alive.

As I think back about Grandpa Worley, I am reminded of several things:
He could eat! There was not anyone who could eat more than him.He could squeeze! When he would shake your hand or give you a hug, it was definitely firm and usually a hand or back breaker.
He was a hard worker! Until he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he worked every day of his life. He was not going to retire. He always had to be doing something.He was Mr. Fix-it! Since I am definitely not like this, he was able to fix things around the house and was quick to help out.He was loud! B…

Family Night-Valentines for the Villa

Tomorrow night, we will again have Family Night at our church. These nights have become some of my favorite nights because the entire family gathers together for a meal and then have fun together through learning and service. It is great seeing parents and kids talking about faith together. It is fun helping families have these conversations.

This month, my focus in love. How brilliant! We will eat our meal together and then sing a few songs together. I have requests for Jesus Loves Me Rock and the Hippo Song. Then I will read from 1 John 4:7-11. I will discuss God's love for us and how we need to share that love with others. Following that we will play a quick game of hug tag and get started making Valentines.

Who are the Valentines for? I cannot take credit for this idea, but we will be making Valentines for residents of Schowalter Villa (Hesston's local nursing home). Our goal is a Valentine for each person. I look forward to sharing these cards with the resident…