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Father/Son Trip

Well, it's been a week and I still have not blogged about the trip with Mitchell. I have had several people ask about it, so I am finally sitting down to write. For those who didn't know, I planned a weekend trip with Mitchell last weekend (Oct. 22-24) to Branson, MO. The purpose was twofold: have fun with my son & have a conversation about adolescence.

The trip started bright and early as I loaded the van with all four kids and left Hesston at 6:45 a.m. The kids were so excited about seeing the sun rise. However, it was too cloudy and they didn't get to see much of a sunrise. We stopped for breakfast at McDonald's and continued on to Yates Center where I dropped off Mackenzie, Megan, and Molly at my parent's house. Then Mitchell and I hit the road.

I told him we were headed to Branson because it was a surprise. However, he found a cup that gave him a hint that it might be Branson. As we left Yates Center, I explained that this weekend was to be a lot of …

Father/Son Road Trip

No, I am not posting this while on my weekend with my son. I posted this before I left. However, if you are reading this-currently, I am in Branson, MO with Mitchell for a father/son road trip. The purpose is twofold-have fun together and listen to CD's together. We will be going to Silver Dollar City 3 days, a magic show one night, and on the drive listening to Dobson's "Preparing for Adolescence" CD's. I can't wait to share how the weekend went and to encourage other parents in a similar experience with their kids. Please pray for our time together!

Books I Am Reading

Here is my current book list: (Some I only read a chapter a week so they will be on the list for awhile)

The Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman
Doctrine by Mark Driscoll
I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louis Giglio
Transformational Church by Stetzer & Rainer
Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll
Collaborate: Family + Church by Various Authors
The Dad in the Mirror by Morley & Delk

Are You Afraid of Grace? by Tullian Tchividjian

I’m ecstatic about the resurgence of gospel centrality taking place in the evangelical church. The idea that the gospel is not only for those outside the church but also for those inside the church; that it not only ignites the Christian life but is the fuel that keeps Christians going and growing every day, may seem like a new idea, but it’s really old. I’m glad it’s re-gaining traction, but as far as we’ve come, we need to go further. For all the talk of gospel-centeredness, there’s still some fear and trepidation fueled by a common misunderstanding regarding the radical nature of grace. Even amongst the proponents of gospel-centrality, I still hear talk about there being two equal dangers that Christians must avoid: legalism and lawlessness.The False Balance of “Legalism vs. Lawlessness”Legalism, they say, happens when you focus too much on law, or rules. Lawlessness, they say, happens when you focus too much on grace. Therefore, in order to maintain spiritual equilibri…

Oil Change Ministry

This past Saturday, Hesston MB church hosted a free oil change for single moms, widows, and those in need. We worked in partnership with Lord's Lubers based out of Valley Center. There was a great article published in The Hesston Record (see a previous blog post) prior to the event. I was pleased with the day. It was an idea that God put on my heart to reach out to our community with His love. It all started about a year ago so I was glad to see it come to fruition. Through many conversations and discussions, we worked through the details.

My church has been very supportive through workers, finances, and prayer. On Saturday, we had perfect weather. It was not too hot and not too cold. Thank you God for a beautiful morning! During the morning, cars would have their windows cleaned and cars vacuumed out. Then they would have their oil changed, oil filter replaced and other fluids checked and filled if needed. While cars were being worked on, people could wait in our churc…

Forgotten God

Last week, I finished reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I enjoyed his first book, Crazy Love, as well, but I liked Forgotten God more. In this book, Chan addresses how Christians often neglect the Holy Spirit's presence and power in their lives. We talk often of God the Father & Jesus, but seem to avoid the topic of the Holy Spirit? Why? My opinion is that we are not comfortable nor do we understand the Holy Spirit's function. But Chan looks at what this neglect is doing to the church around the world. Are we choosing not to use God given power and wisdom because we don't want to be labeled "charismatic"? Are we afraid if we were led by the Holy Spirit we would have to quit our jobs and become pastors or missionaries? Chan in a very compelling way challenges the reader to understand biblically who the Holy Spirit is and to avoid thwarting His presence in our lives. I highly recommend the book whether you are a conservative or pentecostal. Ther…

Time With Molly

Today, is what we call "Daddy Day" in our house. For the last 8 years, Bethany has worked about 1-2 days per week in various jobs. We have scheduled one of those days to be my day off from work. This day soon was known as Daddy Day. From the very beginning, we did things differently than what happened when mom was home with the kids. It usually consisted of two rotating lunches: grilled cheese & daddy noodles (Ramen noodles) or hot dogs & macaroni & cheese. I know I am a gourmet cook. These days almost always included some activity such as a trip to the park or pool. I don't do well being inside my house all day so I keep the kids scheduled.

Well, today was daddy day and Molly set the agenda. She chose to ride her bike to Children's Park. Then she wanted to get a sucker from the bank. That was great since I needed to deposit a check anyway. So, as I walked and she rode her bike, she noticed the trees and some leaves that were falling. She aske…

Understanding God's Love

On Tuesday morning, I had a great conversation with a couple of guys. We were talking about how to help our kids understand God's great love for them. As adults, we somewhat grasp this concept, but not entirely. But how do you help your 2, 3, 4, or 5 year old understand God loves them. They worship God and read Bible stories about Him, but do they know God loves them. As I reflected on this conversation, I have come up with a few ideas. Here they are in no specific order:
Tell them often "God Loves You."Read stories from a Children's Bible and explain God's love seen in the specific story.Compare it to your love for them as a child. Talk about ways they understand a parent's love. What do you do? What do you say? Ask how does this make you feel? Then explain that God's love is much, much, much, much, much greater than a parent's love.Or relate it to an item (doll, tractor, game, ball, etc.) that they love and spend time playing with. Ask: Ho…

Record Article about upcoming oil change ministry at Hesston MB

Published in the Oct. 7, 2010
edition of The Hesston Record.
By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Mennonite Brethren Church is looking for people in need of a change, an oil change, that is. The Hesston Mennonite Brethren Church is partnering with Lords Lubers of Valley Center to provide free oil changes for the Hesston community. “When people are in need, the first place they should look is the Church, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case,” said J.L. Martin, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries.Martin, said the idea has been gaining momentum for the past year.“We gathered a group of women, mostly single moms, and asked what the most helpful things we could do.Car care was something mentioned by almost all of them as something that was helpful and appreciated,” said Martin. Martin said after speaking with the group, he then rallied support behind the idea.“I presented it at the men’s breakfast.We knew that we couldn’t do this on our own we would have to have some help from our chur…