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What A Day!

Today has been one packed today. But even though it was very busy, it has been a blessed day too. This morning, I had a meeting at Tabor College to discuss Junior Camp activities. I went to my closet and the only long sleeve shirt I had was a Sterling College shirt. I proudly wore my Sterling shirt to my meeting and laughed to myself while on campus. It was a good meeting and a good reminder about how the Body of Christ must work together and use the gifts God has given us. We made a lot of progress and I left blessed.

Another part of the blessing is the prayers that I was able to pray as I drive. I must focus better as I drive because I have some of my best conversations with God while in the car. I was able to get back to Hesston in time to get some exercise to play noon basketball. Busy day, but so far so good.

Then I had the opportunity to head to the elementary school to see Mackenzie's Shop. For those not from Hesston, the 3rd graders do a unit on money and get to co…

Candidating Weekend

This weekend, my colleague and partner in ministry, Brad, is candidating for the lead pastor position at our church. As I have gone through the meetings today (and still more tomorrow), I am reminded of when I candidated at Hesston MB. It was a packed weekend of learning names and sharing my passion & vision for ministry. It was exhausting, yet exciting! As we drove home from the weekend, I was excited about the match between the position and my gifts.

Now, as I look back, I can see how God prepared me for the ministry I now serve in. I am excited about what has occurred and what the future holds. I cannot imagine doing anything else right now. I love my ministry and the church.

Thank you God for the calling you placed on my heart and for leading me to where I am now!

Eyes Watching You

Today is "Daddy Day" in our house. This just means that it is my day off and I am home with the kids. Molly and I were sitting in the doctor's office this morning and I started to bite my nails. I looked up and she was watching me and then she started to bite her nails. I told her to stop and she said, "why-you are doing it?" Ouch. An innocent bad habit, but my daughter saw me do it and decided to copy.

As I thought about this simple example, I am reminded about the power we as parents have on our children. All of us as sinners have areas that we struggle with. Sometimes these bad habits or sins are seen by our children. Because they trust us, they decide to copy our behavior. What behaviors are you passing on to your children?

Do they see you talking harshly about a friend or co-worker? Or do they hear you blessing or encouraging someone? Do they see you with your eyes on a TV show? Or do they see you praying or reading your Bible? Do they hear you t…