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Favorite quotes from Song of Solomon Conference-Springfield, MO, April 24-25

Bethany and I had the privilege to attend the Song of Solomon Conference led by Mark Driscoll at James River Assembly in Springfield, MO this past weekend. We would highly recommend it to all engaged and married couples.

Here are a few quotes to think about:

Your standard of beauty is your spouse.

It takes 9-14 years in marriage to move from me to we.

Marriage is about holiness not just happiness.

You need a new marriage, not a new spouse.

How to deal with sin?
ReconciliationMen, you are the head of the home. The question is: are you good or bad at your job?

Welcome to my first post!

Well, I decided it was finally time to start a blog. I hope it will be a great opportunity to share my thoughts as a follower of Christ, husband, father, and pastor. I have enjoyed reading others' blogs and hope that I can share some of what I am learning along the way that will encourage you. Here's to many more posts in the future!