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Highs of the Week

Here are my highs from the previous week:

Graduation Parties-Congrats class of 2010Leading Children's ChurchPanda Kitchen with Bethany for lunch on MondayVisit with Hershberger's at the PerkLunch with Hank at Hog Wild BBQElementary Video and Clap Up for Mitchell on ThursdayThursday afternoon at home with kidsWalk to Arboretum on Friday and Family MovieOpening day at Hesston PoolCookout in Wichita at my in-lawsDriving to YC and spending a day with my family


As we go into Memorial Day Weekend, a day when people remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country as well as those families members who have died, it causes us all to stop and remember. In Scripture, many times the word "remember" is used. As the Israelites move from one journey to the next, they are challenged to remember the faithfulness of God despite their current situation. Similarly, we need to remember as well.

Here are few things to remember:
Remember how God has provided for you financially this yearRemember how God has provided answers to the difficult situations or decisionsRemember how God has answered prayers over the last yearRemember God's faithfulness despite our doubts or worriesRemember how God has kept us healthy or brought us through health concernsRemember where you were spiritually at the beginning of the year--have you grown?Remember the blessing of family and friendsRemember those unexpected or unplanned blessings along the wayR…

Last Day of School

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Hesston kids. Many of you from the area are already done. I wanted to remind us as parents to enjoy our summer with the kids. Many times we can get overwhelmed and stressed by having the kids around all day long again. But we need to remember that our time with our kids is limited. We need to cherish these extra hours with our kids this summer. Here are a few things to consider:
Make some memories together.
Play a game.
Be silly!
Have a picnic.
Go to the park.
Play kick ball.
Sit down and pray together.
Talk about how awesome God is as you go on a walk.
Go to the Arboretum and show how God created everything and how unique each and every flower and tree is.
Memorize Scripture together.
Spend some time in family worship. Play some water games or go to the pool.Visit extended family.Take a road trip.Ask your kids what they would like to do and go and do it.Treasure these moments as our kids will be grown before we know it. Thank you God for m…


It sure is windy today. Have you ever noticed how your view of wind depends on your perspective? For example, as I was walking with Mackenzie, Megan, and Molly this morning to the Perk, we seemed to get to the Perk quickly and without a lot of effort because the wind was at our back. But then when we walked home, I had some tired and whiney girls because the wind was blowing against us. Or think about sitting through a sporting event or having a picnic on a windy day, it begins to become annoying as your hat or plate blow away. Yet when you are on a sailboat (I don't know from experience since I have never sailed), it would seem the wind would make for some great times and adventures.

I like the wind when I am mowing on a hot day to cool me off. I like to listen to the wind blowing around me as it can be soothing. But at times it can also be a hindrance as well.

As I think about wind, I am reminded of the Holy Spirit. In Scripture, the word for Spirit means breath or wind. …

Divine Appointments

I have been thinking a lot lately about Divine Appointments. I first heard this phrase from a friend of mine in Colorado. I even mentioned it in my sermon a few weeks ago on May 2. Within the past 2 days, I have heard K-Love talking about it and a song has brought it to mind again. In the book, Divine Appointments by Bob & Matthew Jacks, they write, "divine appointments often involve completely unknown quantities. They are, by definition, mysterious and often surprising. The time, the place, the individuals involved--all the details rest in the Holy Spirit's PalmPilot, not ours."

The song I mentioned is called Hosanna by Hillsong United and it has these lyrics at the end of the song:

"Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me"

"Break my heart for what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdom's cause
As I go from nothing to Eternity"

So, how do I understand this repeated t…

Highs for the Week

Here are my highs from the previous week:

Balloon release with children in conjunction with National Day of Prayer after worship serviceGrilling out with Bethany's family for Mother's DayMiddle School Family Night on Monday-I cannot believe my son is going to be a 5th grader!Two visits with parents whose children are grown about passing on their faith to their kidsKanopolis Trip with 4th grade classHide N Seek Leader's Lunch on FridaySpending the day with my kids on Saturday-Lincoln Perk, trip to mommy's work, played Dutch Blitz for first time, Imangif with everyone.Great time of worship at Hesston MB
Fun visiting with our neighbors and grilling some chicken for supper and sort of watching Survivor Finale.

A New Way of Thinking by Ethan Sayler

Here is a blog post from a pastor I attended college with. His name is Ethan Sayler. He hits on several things I have been pondering the last few months. Hope you enjoy!
A New Way of Thinking“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God”
Romans 15:7 (ESV)Last Sunday I began a series of sermons here at Memorial Presbyterian Church on the New Life in Christ, focusing then on Ezekiel 36:26-28, how we recieve a New Heart from God to replace our hearts of stone. In God’s mind-blowing way, and with no contrivance on my part, the sermon tied in so well with the “Midweek Message” which I wrote about being a loving congregation. One of the reasons why the church has a hard time being the kind of loving community that Christ intends for us to be is our cold and wandering hearts. This week, I am preaching on what it means to receive a New Mind from God, a mind not fixed on the things of the flesh, but on the things of the Spirit (Rom 8:5-8). (Y…

2010 National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer. It is a day set aside to pray for our country. It is a time to stop the busyness and rush of life and get away to a quiet place and spend some extended time in prayer. Hopefully, this day is marked by more than just a quick prayer to get through the day. I pray it is a day of transformation as God transforms us and our cities, states, nation, and world as he hears and answers prayer. But even if the answer is no or wait, we will be transformed by spending time with our awesome God.

I wanted to highlight a few things that we are doing at Hesston MB Church in connection with the National Day of Prayer this year. Last night, we held a Concert of Prayer at 7 p.m. I want to thank Angie Selden (and whoever else from Sterling College) that led the first concert of prayer I attended. This is a time of worship through song and prayers connected together. The way I have planned them over the last few years include several songs to start the evening …

Prayer Power

Today, I preached on the topic of "Prayer Power" based on Philippians 1: 3-11. Paul is writing this letter to the church in Philippi from prison. This section is Paul's prayer for the church there. As I have written many times before, I strongly believe in the power of prayer and Paul does too as shown by this prayer and many others he prays for the churches.

This message also served another purpose. Today, was the first Sunday without our lead pastor, Steve Toews. As I began to pray about this transition, I felt strongly that we needed to clearly communicate our dedication to prayer by starting with this message from the very beginning. The more I prayed, the more I sensed God wanting me to preach this first Sunday and to stress the importance of prayer during this time. After the message, the congregation broke into small groups to pray through a bulletin insert that I put together. My hope is that the congregation will use this insert to pray through over the …