Prayer Tent

I have had the wonderful privilege of leading a prayer team orientation for two different groups over the last week. The purpose of this orientation has been to equip people to pray for others as part of our Celebration Saturday event (outreach to our community) and as part of our morning worship service. I have truly been blessed during the preparation for these times, but more so during them.

We start the orientation with the question: why have a prayer team? I have loved the answers and hearing people's thoughts based on God's Word. It has been exciting to hear why people have felt called to this ministry of prayer. These two parts have been a great testimony of who God is and how He has moved in the individual's life through answered prayer. It has also been great to hear the humility as they share. This is not about "super-Christian status" or I have it all together or I am an expert prayer warrior. Instead, it is "conduction of of extraordinary grace by ordinary people to ordinary people in Jesus' name." (Terry Teykl) What a blessing!

I am excited to see what God will do in and through us as a result of prayer ministry at Celebration Saturday and during our morning worship service. Remember, it does not have to be a "big thing" to come forward for prayer. It can be as simple as stress over a test or an important meeting. Let others in the body of Christ pray on your behalf for this need. I know from experience that I have been blessed when I have been willing to ask for prayer and been ministered to by others who have prayed for me. Let's get praying!


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