One of the books I picked up at Exponential this year was Transformed by Caesar Kalinowski.  He was one of my favorite workshop speakers.  Here are several quotes from his book:
all of those disciplines are meant to be a means of creating space and time for God to act, for the Spirit to speak to us in intimate ways. The discipline itself is not what changes us--it is God's grace that does.
The Bible teaches that if we are in Christ, we have become part of a family of missionary servants, sent as disciples who make disciples.
For years I believed the bumper sticker theology that told me I was a "saved sinner" instead of the truth that I am now a saint (member of God's family) who still sins.
It is not that we have to live this way. We get to. Sharing life together, centered on the gospel, is the closest thing this side of heaven to walking with Jesus in the flesh.
Most of the things we've learned to do as missionaries just involve normal, everyday activities but are infused with gospel intentionality.
"W3 lifestyle"-serving anyone God brings into our lives with whatever needs doing, whenever it is needed, and wherever it leads us.
Discipleship is about people becoming more like Jesus. It is the process of moving from unbelief to belief about who God is and what he has done in absolutely every area of life.
Discipleship doesn't start after some "conversion" experience; it begins when we first meet someone and then invite them to begin to walk in God's ways.
The rest of the book describes how Kalinowski lives as disciple of Christ.  It includes stories of success and failure.  It was a great book on the practicality of disciples who make disciples.


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