Playing on the Radio

Well, actually this song is not playing on the radio, but it should be.  This is one of my favorites on my playlist.  It reminds me of Christ's words on the cross, "It is finished."  Be reminded today that Christ has done it all. Now rest.

1. I am weary, worn out
Who will deliver me?
I am heavy, burdened
Who will deliver me? 
Though I sink in guilt and shame: grace flows deeper
Though I run against your will: grace runs faster
Though I hide away from You: grace comes nearer
Spirit help me know: 
It is finished, It is finishedNo more running, no more hidingNow my weary soul can restIt is finished, It is finishedNo more striving, no more takingAll in Christ I now possessIt is finished 
2. I am failing, unable,
Who will deliver me?
I am fearful, faithless
Who will deliver me? 
No condemnation
No guilty shame
No past to haunt me
None in Christ, None in Christ 
Gone is my record
Gone my regrets
Gone is my failure
Gone in Christ, Gone in Christ 
Found is my meaning

Found is my name
Found is my purpose
Found in Christ, Found in Christ 
All of His dying

All of His life
All of His merit
All in Christ, all in Christ


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