Tweets and more tweets

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the last few weeks.  This is one of the blessings of social media where we can hear the gospel from people all over the world. If you like the tweet, go and follow the person on Twitter. 
People don't need to be fixed. People aren't projects. People need to be loved. Rather than try & fix people, just be with them. @Byronyawn
Justification by grace alone though faith alone on the basis of Christ's blood and righteousness alone is at the very heart of the gospel. @TomHicksJr
Transformation is becoming practically what we are positionally in Christ. @RelevantChris
Grace is not a second chance to do better. It is a standing invitation to rest in what Jesus has done perfectly. @WillWalker
Faith is not interested in faith. How big it is, how little it is. How strong it is, how weak. Faith is not about itself. It's about Christ. @birdchadlouis
"The same gospel that initially called us to faith is the means that perfects us in faith." Dennis Johnson via John Fonville 


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