Happy Mother's Day!

Today, we celebrate moms. I am thankful for the mothers in my life.  Hopefully, we say "thank you" appreciate, and celebrate moms throughout the year too.

I am thankful for my mother-in-law, Shirley.  She did a great job raising my wife and I have appreciated her through the years of knowing her.  She is generous, caring, and a wonderful "Grammie".

I am also thankful for my mother who taught me about hard work, supported me through the years, loves to give gifts to others, makes me laugh, plans fun trips for the family and is a great wife and grandmother too. 

And last but not least, I am thankful for the mother of my children, Bethany.  What a blessing she is to me!  She has been a great mother all of these years.  I remember hearing about her passion to be a stay-at-home mom in conversations during college.  She served long and exhausting days with our kids while she stayed home and then has also stepped into the role of working mom.  She is selfless, loving, compassionate, and a good example to my girls about being a woman and what it means to follow Jesus.

Happy Mother's Day to the moms in my life and all the moms out there!


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