Experience with God

On Friday, I was participating in my daily schedule of praying for people and church.  Occasionally, my mind will wander and I have to ask God to help stay focused.  On this day, I was worshiping by singing along with a song on YouTube.  And all of a sudden, I had a thought of something I needed to write down.

Rather than be discouraged, I stopped and asked God to reveal to me all the thoughts related to this sermon I am preaching on May 19th.  Let me just say, "Praise God! Amen. Wow!  Over the next twenty minutes, God revealed each of those thoughts in addition to reassuring me of His great love for me.  This was a powerful experience with God.  I cannot put it into words, but God revealed Himself through thoughts, emotions, words, and more. 

Why do I share?  Because in a post later this week, I write about the importance of celebrating what God is doing.  I want to celebrate not only God's answer to my prayer, but also His reminder that He is with me and for me.  Amen!


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