Steve Brown at #2014Liberate

Steve Brown started Day 2 of #2014Liberate.

"Everyday Grace" was his topic.

If you don't live in God's grace when you spill water, you won't be able to live in God's grace when you get cancer.

Grace isn't just a doctrine. It's 24/7. It's a pool where elephants can swim and children can play.

It's not following in the mud that is terrible.  It is staying there that is.

Grace doesn't define us in church, but in every place we go and everthing we do.

"He's not what you think."  That's how I feel about God sometimes.

Jesus is very fond of you.

God is good & He is sovereign.

Sometimes I say this to God, "I don't want you to fix me.  I want you to hug me."


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