Lent Reading

I usually don't give up anything or add something during Lent.  However, I have the last two years chosen a book that will help me reflect on Jesus' death on the cross.  This year, I am reading Scandalous by D. A. Carson.  Here are some quotes from my reading last week:
No, the hardest truth to get across to this generation is what the Bible says about sin.
All people without distinction are both condemned and savable. . .
The cross is not only the demonstration of God's love; it is the demonstration of God's justice. 
Go to the cross. It is where wrath and mercy meet. Holiness and peace kiss each other. The climax of redemptive history is the cross. 


  1. Looks like a great title J.L.! I typically don't add or give up anything during Lent either. D.A. Carson's Scandalous is a good reason to add!

  2. Sharing your book recommendation over at www.facebook.com/1Corinthians13Parenting :)


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