Who Told You That?

I am continuing to read Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick.  Below are several quotes that were helpful as I read last week:
God's favor is not just a force to make our lives more convenient. It's a supernatural reality that enables us to fulfill God's purpose.
The more deeply we reinforce our identity in Christ, the more fortified we will be against the onslaught of opposing voices in our lives.
The less I can depend on circumstances to define my identity, the more I must look to the Lord to reinforce His thoughts concerning me and to impress them into my heart until I respond as if it's second nature: I know who I am.
Most of the decisions that send our lives in the wrong direction are the result of our wrongly answering the question "Did God really say . . .?" Since the Enemy can't take away the promises God made you--about who you are in Him and who He desires to be to you-he hangs question marks over those promises. 
The first command God gave to Adam and Eve was not of limitation but liberation.
The only opportunity the chatterbox ever has to download lies into our heads is if we have allowed it first to delete the memory of who we are in Christ.
Maybe that's what been missing for many of us. Maybe it's been missing for you. You know what is true, but in some way it has never become true for you. You know what is written, but you don't fully embrace who you are and how those two connect. 


  1. Sounds like a really good book for spiritual discernment. I'm going to share this over at our FB ministry page. Blessings!


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