More Thoughts from J.D. Greear from Gospel

Here is my next to last final post on Gospel by J.D. Greear.  I recommend you picking up this book.  The following quotes are from the final chapters of the book.
If we lived with an awareness of His love for others, the kind of power in prayer we could tap into would blow our minds.
God's help flows out reflexively to those who presume upon His grace and power.
Jesus has not changed. He is still willing and able to feed the multitudes. What He wants us to do is lay hold of His willingness, in prayer, and release His power into a world in desperate need.
The cross is the measure of His compassion, and the resurrection the measure of His power. When we can't understand what God is doing in our circumstances, we can hold on to what we see revealed about Him in the cross. We can still know that God is good.
But the Bible also teaches us that He has placed His power at our disposal, to be released by faith.
But how God feels about us, and how He relates to us, has been forever established in the gospel.
God's power is not primarily about victory over your particular situation. It's about the glory of His name on earth.
Sometimes He says no because He loves us and has a greater plan than we can comprehend at the moment.
Thus, disciplining ourselves to do what we don't always want to do helps us learn to love the things we should love.


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