God is good even in the Old Testament

God gets a bad rap.  We like to play this comparison game of the God of the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament.  We are a little scared and skeptical with all of the wars and wrath we see in the Old Testament.  So we are thankful when Jesus enters the scene with a new covenant and what He did on our behalf in the New Testament.  Jesus is the One who saves us, forgives us, takes the wrath we deserve. 

Preston Sprinkle in Charis is trying to change this perception.  Below are some quotes of how God in the Old Testament was very loving and gracious.
If there ever was clear evidence that God saved people based on who He is and not on what we have done, it's the exodus from Egypt.
God's power is released on account of His compassion, not Israel's righteousness.
This is where the tent comes in. God cannot dwell with sinful people, but God desires to dwell with sinful people. So He comes up with a plan to have build a tent, or tabernacle, so that He can dwell with His people without annihilating them.
Grace means that your spirituality is upheld by God's stubborn enjoyment of you.
God continues to conquer Satan through the genealogical line of a sex addict names Judah, a whore named Tamar, a bastard named Perez, and a streetwalker named Rahab.
God doesn't cause sin. He mourns it. He despises it. But through His gracious power, He's able to use it. No one and no sin can outrun God's grace. Charis has no leash.
God hijacks and bends evil to work peace and healing. If God were only a God of justice, He could punish evil but do no more. Only a God of grace can use our evil to work His good. God's grace is so much bigger than our sin. 


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