You Can Do It

Do you think that you are unable to study God's Word?  Are parts of the Bible difficult to understand?  Do you look forward to Bible Study or Sunday so you can learn more from the Bible?
What if you did not have to wait until someone taught you the Bible, but you could do it on your own?  You can do it!  The same Holy Spirit who guides me into all truth is dwelling inside of you as well as a believer.  If you still have doubts, a great book to help you become more comfortable with studying the Bible on your own is The New How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur.  It goes through the inductive Bible study method that I learned at Sterling College from Erma Prutow and I also teach in the Go Deeper Hour.
I would encourage you today to start in John or Ephesians and begin studying His Word throughout the week so you can grow in your relationship with Jesus and be empowered to make decisions throughout your day.


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