Tweets and more tweets

This is a new feature on the blog.  Usually on Mondays, I get caught up on my favorite podcasts.  This usually results in a lot of tweeting on that day.  However, if you are at work and not checking Twitter during that time, you might miss some of the great truth being shared by others.  So, I am sharing some of best tweets from the previous week which include great wisdom and truth.  
"Christianity consists primarily not in what we do for God but in what God does for us..."  @brennanmanning
The Christian faith spreads best not through force but through fascination. @shaneclaiborne
 What will we have to say before the bar of God’s judgment? Only one thing. Christ died in my place. -Alistair Begg via @Gospel_project
 The irony of legalism is that it doesn't actually make people want to work harder, it makes them want to give up. @BuckParsons
 My job is to preach Christ every week not wean you off of Christ to something else, something better or deeper. @PaulDunk


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