Sola Gratia, Sola Fide

Grace Alone. Faith Alone.

Here are some quotes from The Pastor's Justification by Jared C. Wilson:
People need to know what God's law says, but we need to remember that the law cannot produce obedience to itself.
The pastoral imperative, then is to get the gospel indicative into every nook and cranny of church life as we can. We want to be seeding grace in every space. 
We are not automatically set to gospel mode, so we all need help in constantly resetting to grace.
Sola fide is not just for justification, but also for the working out of our justification in the ongoing work of sanctification. It is not as though what has begun by faith is now continued by works.
We are not to find life in the Gospel and then nourish it by the Law. We are not to begin in the Spirit and then seek to be made perfect by the flesh, or by confidence in man--we must continue to walk by the simple faith which rests only upon God...
Faith is convicted trust...Another simple way of illustrating faith is by the empty hand. 


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