Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria

Christ Alone. To God Alone Be the Glory.

Here are quotes from the final chapters of The Pastor's Justification by Jared C. Wilson:
Jesus Christ alone is the hope, treasure, joy, and purpose of pastoral ministry...Let everything be a means to this end: the treasuring of Christ and the enjoying of his glory.
Because only Jesus transforms, the focus and message of our ministries must be only Jesus. The exclusivity of Christ is not just a test of Christian orthodoxy; it is a test of Christian orthopraxy.
Faith is not our rock; Christ is our rock. We do not get faith by having faith in our faith or by looking to faith, but by looking to Christ. Looking to Christ is faith...If we start qualifying our faith, we destroy the gospel...Far too often we are prone to look to the quality of our faith, the quality of our conviction of sin, the quality of our evangelical repentance, the quality of our love for the brethren for confirmation of our justification, forgetting that it is Christ alone who saves by gracious faith alone.
The Spirit will not bring a revival that does not glorify anyone or anything but Christ alone...Revival, given by the Spirit of the living God, places Christ always and ever at the center.
Pastor, take your people into the throne room. Rather, show them that the door is open to them because of Jesus's work. Don't create an obstacle course of the Law for them to complete first. Proclaim that belief in the gospel procures the all-access path to God's glory.
May we be desperate to be swallowed up forever in the expansiveness of his wonderful glory!
You are as secure as Christ is. 


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