Tweets and more tweets

This is a new feature on the blog.  Usually on Mondays, I get caught up on my favorite podcasts.  This usually results in a lot of tweeting on that day.  However, if you are at work and not checking Twitter during that time, you might miss some of the great truth being shared by others.  So, I am sharing some of best tweets from the previous week which include great wisdom and truth.                           
When a sinner is justified, two things happen: 1. God does not count his sin against him 2. God imputes to him the righteousness of Christ @dornanm
The Bible is not primarily concerned with a quest for personal meaning & fulfillment. It's a story about God, who is so good he cares for us @MichaelHorton_
the function of the law was to fix your eyes on yourself...the function of the gospel is to fix your eyes on Jesus @RelevantChris
As a parent, do you feel like a failure w/guilt and shame? @JL_Martin
 The "application" part is simply living out who you are in Christ..codify that..and you won't.. @ShaunShahan


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