I love books!

I love books! Are you surprised?  Probably not.  I love reading and learning.  But what may be hard to believe is that I hated to read in high school and college.  When I was forced to read in seminary, I was not a fan.  After a 6 month break from required reading after seminary, I fell in love with reading for enjoyment and education. 

Here are some quotes from Elyse Fitzpatrick and Matt Heard from books I am reading:

Kairos is time infused with potential and possibilities as we steward both opportunities as well as difficulties.

I end up surviving instead of living. Existing in the chronos of my days instead of experiencing the kairos that's there also.

in the immediate aftermath of a broken experience, we need his presence not a prescription...our need for God's embrace trumps our need for his instruction.

When sin entered the garden, the primary consequence was a deep rupture in relationships.

Maturity in Christ does not occur because we attend Bible studies. Maturity in Christ occurs, when, by the Spirit and in God's grace, our brothers and sisters take biblical truth and apply in lovingly, patiently, boldly to our hearts.

This is our Savior. This is the One we so frequently forget, the One who seems so ancillary, so passe. Our Father doesn't want us to move on, "maturing" past his Son. In point of fact, our Father is intent that we recognize that he has ordered his universe so that it revolves around his beloved One-not around ourselves, our desires, or even our good works done in his name.

Centering your life on his glory will change everything about you, and it is the one thing that your enemy hates more than anything else. Why? Because he wants your focus on him, and if he can't get you to do that, then he'll be pleased if you focus on yourself, on how you're doing, on the importance of your good works or how you may or may not be changing.

May we never think that pondering the Almighty's love is only for beginners. No one ever moves past the need to learn and then relearn this over and over again.

And why did I lose my first love? I lost it because I had functionally forgotten the gospel and focused on myself and living the Christian life.


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