Tweets and more tweets

This is a now a regular feature on the blog.  Usually on Mondays, I get caught up on my favorite podcasts and this usually results in a lot of tweeting on that day.  However, if you are at work and not checking Twitter during that time, you might miss some of the great truth being shared by others.  So, I am sharing some of best tweets from the previous week which include great wisdom and truth.
Trying to disengage our work for Christ from our union w/Christ does violence to method the Spirit has chosen to sanctify us. @ElyseFitz
Do you see fellow Christians as family members or as competition? @Alex_Early via @keylifenetwork
The great command is not "be right" but instead LOVE. @RelevantChris
Jesus proves, by the resurrection, that God redeems, heals, and makes all things new. @JustinHolcomb
God provides! Either I have a horrible memory or an angel filled my car up with gas. Not sure how to explain it so To God Be The Glory! @JL_Martin
The greatest threat to the gospel specific to today is the indirect challenge of pragmatism among evangelicals. @MarkDever via @JaredCWilson



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