Tweets and more tweets

This is a now a regular feature on the blog.  Usually on Mondays, I get caught up on my favorite podcasts and this usually results in a lot of tweeting on that day.  However, if you are at work and not checking Twitter during that time, you might miss some of the great truth being shared by others.  So, I am sharing some of best tweets from the previous week which include great wisdom and truth.
Yes, evil & temptation exist in the world & while God may work through evil & suffering, they are not part of God's character. @mockingbirdnyc
God loves us to the degree we are in Christ, not like Christ. We are 100% in Christ, so we are loved 100%.  @scottywardsmith
Shame attacks our worth and value. Our response? Look to God, the only One who can assign worth and value. @simplegospelpod
We don't read the Bible to find things to do or things to know but to find a Person to trust. @feastonChrist via @FitziesPorch
The main point of the Gospel is not faith-vs-works, because faith & works have to do with our response to the Gospel, @mockingbirdnyc


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