Tweets and more tweets

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the last few weeks.  This is one of the blessings of social media where we can hear the gospel from people all over the world. If you like the tweet, go and follow the person on Twitter. 
The desire for righteousness is delivered by grace. @RyanHuguley
The attractional church is a lot busier doing, but a simple church may be a lot busier living. @jaredcwilson
When the message is about what you need to do, you miss what Jesus does for you. @rjgrune #readingromans
Thank God that His gospel meets us and works for us at every point on the eternal timeline! That's the now-ism of the gospel. @PaulTripp
Promises are powerful. God made a promise, a worldwide, game-changing one, and every story in the Bible finds its way back to this promise. @MichaelHorton_



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