Tweets and more tweets

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the last few weeks.  This is one of the blessings of social media where we can hear the gospel from people all over the world. If you like the tweet, go and follow the person on Twitter. 
Jesus doesn’t just save us at conversion and then say “good luck” to our sanctification. @JustinHolcomb
the reason grace is powerful for godliness is bc there is a chemistry of the heart that is greater than the math of the mind. @BryanChapell
From both pulpits & dinner tables, we can rest in, enjoy & explore how the gospel comes to bear on every area of our lives. God's grace saves, teaches and sustains. @pauldunk
"Many confess justification by righteousness of Christ but seem to think they are sanctified by a holiness they acquire themselves" Bavinck via @Byronyawn
Instead of sanctification being man-centered, remember you never get over needing Christ for your sanctification. @theocast_org
There are not just two ways to respond to God but three: irreligion, religion, and the gospel. @timkellernyc via @jaredcwilson


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