All commissions connected to a promise

When I attended the MB Convention in Santa Clara at the end of July, Ed Stetzer was our speaker.  He had tons of great things to say.  To see those notes, go here.

One of things he said has been causing me to do some searching in the Bible.  Here are my notes from his message on Friday night:

His topic for this message was church multiplication.

4 Commissions of Jesus in the New Testament

We are sent (John 20:19-21)
  • All commissions are connected to a promise
  • The one mission is from Jesus
  • God's mission has a church.
  • This verse applies to all of God's people.
  • Don't let your church be a cul de sac on the highway of God's mission.
To All Peoples (Matthew 28:18-20)

With A Message (Luke 24:46-49)
  • Fundamental to the nature of the gospel is the proclamation of the gospel
Empowered by the Spirit (Acts 1:6-8)
  • We need the power to carry out the mission
So, here is my question: if all the commissions are connected to a promise, could it also be that every time we are told to do something in Scripture, we are also reminded of who God is and how He will accomplish the task on our behalf and through us? What do you think?


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