Thrive by Mark Hall, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted from Thrive focusing on how to dig deep.  Today, the quotes are from the second part of the book that focuses on reaching out.

what matters is how our lives and tongues confess Jesus to the people in the places where he has planted us.

The Enemy constantly points to our failures. So how should we answer him? The same way Jesus did. With Scripture.

I once heard Pastor Tony Evans say that the area of the church about which you find yourself most critical is probably the area where you're supposed to serve. You're seeing a hole that only you can see--because that's your gift.

He (Satan) can't have your soul if you belong to God, but he can steal your joy, kill your hopes, and destroy your dreams.

Love earns the right to speak truth. And truth proves that we really love.

You can be a friend of someone and not agree with the way she lives.

We build a bridge to Jesus by loving people and meeting them where they are, praying for them, and sharing truth.

We all need to be Paul to a few Timothys, one on one in regular talks, walking through Scripture and life together.

But if you had a hundred people in your church who decided to each disciple one person, it wouldn't just rock your church; it would rock your community.

Grasping who God is and who I am in Christ will affect how I reach out to others.


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