Below is a quote from DiscipleShift by Jim Putman that I shared prior to Service Sunday yesterday.
Geiger, Kelley, and Nation describe it well: “As believers understand their identity, they are empowered by God to flesh out their identity in everyday life. Leaders who view discipleship through the lens of identity encourage and train people to live in response to the great identity God has given. Instead of beginning with behavior, leaders remind people of who they are in Christ. They connect the commands of God to the identity he secures for his followers, presenting obedience as the overflow of understanding and living the new nature Christ has given.”
I have read this quote many times and each time I respond with a resounding AMEN!

Do you agree or disagree? 

Are we trying to obey and live without understanding our identity? The underlined words remind me that who God is and who we are shapes what we do. 


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