The Naked Gospel

I began reading The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley last week.  I discovered Farley's book after reading a fiction book he wrote called Operation Screwtape. I loved C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters and enjoyed Farley's fiction book despite the fact that I don't read much fiction. Here are a few quotes from the first several chapters of The Naked Gospel:

Hope began with grasping an important distinction between two operating systems-one Old and one New.
There is an Old way that forever leads to disappointment, no matter how much"holy" effort is exerted. There is also a New way that comes free of charge and changes everything. And yet there is also a third option--a hybrid of Old and New that you find in many churches today.
Whatever the New is, it somehow causes people to remain faithful, even when their own strength fails them.
There was really nothing wrong with the Old in itself. It should still be esteemed as holy and good. The issue with the Old was that no one could operate successfully under it. For that reason God orchestrated a different way.
If the law were able to save, there'd be no reason for the New. 



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