Christ Surrendered All by Zac Hicks

Below you will find another song from Liberate 2015. In this song, Zac Hicks writes different words to a beloved hymn. Can he do that? Be reminded about how Christ has surrendered all for us!

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Christ Surrendered All
Words: Zac Hicks, 2014; adapted from Judson W. VanDeVenter, 1896
Music: Winfield S. Weeden, 1896
©2014 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP)

1. All, Lord Jesus, You surrendered
All to me You freely gave
All my sin You bravely shouldered
All for me, my life to save

Christ surrendered all
Christ surrendered all
All for me and my salvation
Christ surrendered all

2. All, Lord Jesus, You surrendered
All your rights You left behind
Trading might for humble weakness
For the good of all mankind

3. All, Lord Jesus, You surrendered
All for me, your enemy
Worldly pleasures I was seeking
Still, Lord, You were seeking me

4. All Your life is all my merit
All Your death my ransom paid
Now I feel no condemnation
Just a love that cannot fade


from Come and Make Us Free, track released 24 February 2015


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