Favorite Quotes from #TGP15

In a previous post, I shared some favorite quotes from The Gospel Project online seminar.  Today, I am sharing a few more that I listened to before the videos were removed. 
A gospel centered church consistently & constantly reminds its people of the gospel, consistently & constantly reminds people who they were before they heard the gospel & consistently celebrates the present power of the gospel for daily life. (Matt Chandler)
The gospel in worship leads people into the beauty of the story of the finished work of Jesus & the power of His resurrection. (Louie Giglio)
We have a new identity-child of God, loved by God. This new identity leads to a new way of living-loving others. (Jeff Vanderstelt)
Discipleship is not a ministry of your church. Discipleship is THE ministry of the church. (Dhati Lewis)
The Church partners with Jesus in saving thru gospel proclamation & serving thru gospel demonstration. (Ed Stetzer)


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