Happy 17th Anniversary, Bethany!

Who would have known that 17 years later we would have 4 kids? Who could have known that you would be a manager at a Christian bookstore and we would be living in Hesston, Kansas?  Who could have predicted that you would be spending two weeks on vacation in Orlando at Disney World and the beach? (For those that do not know, Bethany does not enjoy traveling, amusement parks, beaches, dressed up characters, and crowds.)

I am amazed at how we have grown together as a couple through the good and the bad.  As I love to tell people it was love a first sight for me.  However, that love is nothing compared to the love that I have for you now.  You are an amazing woman, wife, mother, and manager.  You are kind, funny, intelligent, caring, selfless, and beautiful.

I know we won't get to celebrate today because of work and kid's activities, but you made me the happiest guy in the world 17 years ago when you said, "I DO!"

Here is a picture from then and now.  Beach picture was taken in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in February 2015.


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