Tweets and more tweets

This is a now a regular feature on the blog.  Usually on Mondays, I get caught up on my favorite podcasts and this usually results in a lot of tweeting on that day.  However, if you are at work and not checking Twitter during that time, you might miss some of the great truth being shared by others.  So, I am sharing some of best tweets from the previous week which include great wisdom and truth.
You Are Not Condemned: “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,” (Romans 8:1) @JL_Martin
 Yesterday at @SDYCJKC a few mods chanted "SC Warriors" for me on Tabor campus to go to lunch quicker. :) @SterlingCLife @TaborCollege
If Jesus drank down the cup of God's wrath for sin on the cross, there is no wrath left to pour on sinners who are in Christ. You are free! @ZackJamesCole
The gospel is not about what we have done or are called to do, but the announcement of God’s saving work in Jesus Christ. @MichaelHorton_
Will I see you in Denver at end of July? Looking forward to the @usmbchurches convention. Discounted rate ends today.


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