#usmb2016 Saturday Morning

Pressing On.....Together-Ephesians 4:14-16-Matt Heard

Ephesians 2:10-we are God's handiwork

The work of art is not just the work itself but the people of God working together.

Six Essentials of Pressing On Together:
  1. Compass-Where are we going? -Vision, USMB Future Story, Alignment
  2. Map-How are we going to get there? - 3 Core Commitments, Strategy, Goals
  3. Multitool-Do we understand our roles? - Awareness of each other's gifts and roles; Appreciation of mutual value
  4. Rope-Are we cooperating? - Collaboration, Trust, Communication, Leadership, Fun & Gratitude
  5. First Aid Kit-Can we fix what's holding us back? - Problem-solving skills, Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Affirmation, Commitment to the Vision
  6. Cake-Are we celebrating our progress? - Community, Synergy, Results, Worship


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