Favorite Tweets from #USMB2016

I had a great 5 days at the National Convention for Mennonite Brethren Churches in Denver at the end of the July.  Below you find some of my favorite tweets from those days. 
A superficial engagement with my longings will lead to a superficial engagement with the gospel. @mattbheard
Calvin referred to us as idol factories. We are prone to wander. Thankful that the Living Water never leaves or forsakes us. @JL_Martin
What if the answer to Knowing God is not a human pursuit, but rather a transformational relationship?  @jjpenguin
When the church gets together it is a preview of the restoration that is to come. @mattbheard
Don't be tempted to make the rear view mirror as big as your windshield. @presglanzer
Let's not think too: highly of present position, lowly of present purpose, much about past track record, & little of future reward @danstrutz
"you know what we need for our journey ahead? Cake." Sometimes we got to stop and celebrate to Press On! @gavalanched
We've missed the centrality and daily relevance of the Life Jesus offers. @WhisperOfWonder
"The only hope for our culture is the Gospel" @KyleAGoings


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