It's Promotion Sunday!

It's that time again!  It's Promotion Sunday.  I love this day as we kick off our new Go Deeper Hour classes. 

For kids, they could be moving to a new room and a new teacher.  It is also the day we recognize our teachers/helpers as they "make disciples who make disciples."  We also take time to give gifts to our new First Graders (who receive a bag full of goodies) as they promote out of Children's Church and we give Bibles to our new Third Graders. 

It is also a day of fellowship including a brunch for our adults after all the class/teacher introductions.  Pastor Brad also gives his "State of the Church" address during the worship service
.  In the evening this year, we are gathering all of our Big Groups together for an evening of fun through games, cold treats, and a pool party. 

Times and locations are listed below:

9:00 a.m.-Promotion Sunday-All ages please gather in the sanctuary
10:10 a.m.-Worship Service
6:30 p.m.-Big Group Olympics at Hesston Public Pool


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