Evil and Sin

This past week as I was reading Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Core Christianity by Michael Horton they both were talking about evil and sin.  Below you will find a few quotes to ponder from my reading:
We must fight our battle in the certainty that our enemy has been overcome. Yes, sin has been overcome, and because of Christ's victory we can war.
we have to get our eyes off our sin and back onto his accomplished work on the cross.
There is one sin that is at the root of all sin: unbelief.
We cannot remake our hearts, but he can. We cannot change our spirits, but can place his Spirit within us. Apart from his work, we have hearts of stone, and we will walk only n our own ways.
God's primary motive in our justification and sanctification is to vindicate his holiness in the sight of every nation. 

 The royal dignity of the first human beings encompassed both body and soul.

the image of God is not something that we have somewhere inside of us; it is what we are.

Satan can only work with the good words and deeds of God as the raw material that he then corrupts. He cannot say or do anything new...So he begins with just enough of God's word, in order to twist it...It was Satan who first corrupted God's word by addition, then by subtraction, and then finally by direct contradiction.

Evil is not a principle in creation itself but is the willful distortion of good gifts into an arsenal deployed against God's reign.

We talk about evil outside of us, the "others," whoever they may be. We blame evil places, structures, forces, and principles, but...we refuse to locate evil within ourselves.

We are not sinners because we sin; we sin because we are sinners.


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