Favorite Quotes from Saving the Saved

Today, Bryan Loritts book, Saving the Saved is released.  Earlier today, I posted a book review.  This afternoon, I want to share my favorite quotes from the book.

The church has become a meritocracy. It was never meant to be this way.  
We’re all complicated messes in need of daily grace. 
If we want a life rich with fruit that blesses others, it doesn’t happen by doing more, but by abiding more  
Our sins were expunged, not through our white-knuckled, try-harder morality, but through the death of Jesus. We call that grace.
 Life in the meritocracy tends to be all about me and my attempts to find value and love through, well, my attempts. So off we go, trying to ascend “Mount Significance” through our own efforts, hoping to catch greatness along the way. But what if I told you there’s a completely different way, a counterintuitive path? What if I showed you that the great God who created you and me not only relieves us of our strivings to find love and acceptance through our performance, but also delights in taking average people like us and making us great simply by being in relationship with him?


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