Morning Session at Christ Hold Fast Dallas

Daniel Van Voorhis-The Pharisee & Tax Collector-Luke 18:9-14

Theme of Luke 18-Prayer

We see Pharisees as Bond villains or storm troopers. Before we judge them, remember they are trying to live out the law they have been taught. However, we often identity with the tax collector.

Pharisees & Those Who Have Contempt For Others

Contempt-one of the great problems in our society. It's killing our culture. 
The Pharisee-"Look God, I'm doing it." Let's take the black hat off of the Pharisee.

Tax Collectors

They sold out to the government. They working for Caesar
Rejected the coming of the Kingdom
Jesus hangs out with them

We are all Pharisees and tax collectors.  We have sold out to the government and said, "God, look at what I'm doing". We all need a Savior.

Who do I hold contempt for? In our contempt, we think we are protecting.
We hold contempt for certain kinds of sinners.
We are all three of the these characters.  But in Christ eye's we are only one character: clothed in Christ's righteousness.

Daniel Emery Price-The Good Samaritan

Premise about parables-They are scandalous because of what Jesus says, who He says it to or where He says them.  The parables strip us of our self-sufficiency.

Samaritan-we don't have a good understanding of what this meant to the Jewish people. In our culture, Samaritan is a good word. The Samaritans were half Jewish, received Jews who had been excommunicated.

That's how the law works-"Love God & Love Neighbors-Do this and you will live"

Who is my neighbor? Jesus tells the parable of Good Samaritan.

What are we afraid of? We think we will be "covered" or affected by their sin.

It was offensive to make the Samaritan the hero of the story.

Purpose of Parable: We are all dead men, beat to death by sin and the Devil but Jesus comes in mercy and compassion and says take care of them and I'll be back. 

Go & do likewise-not following the Good Samaritan law, instead we know people ravaged by sin & Satan-point them to Christ.

Elyse Fitzpatrick-Laborers in the Vineyard

Context of this parable-Transfiguration, greatest in the kingdom, foretells death & resurrection, be like children, parable of lost sheep, parable of unmerciful servant, divorce, let the children come, rich young ruler

Theme of these stories-what can I do? Jesus says "I have come to be a ransom." Jesus has done it all.
Another theme was securing own power. Don't I deserve better?

We want to live in a world where God is fair. We want a world with outsiders and insiders--Where what we sow is what we reap. 

Jesus is the master of the house. 
Jesus is the hard working laborer. He works for those who don't even care. He is faithfully fulfilling all the law in your place.  

In this parable, we focus on how the lazy are made equal with the hard workers. Jesus instead makes us equal with Him through the cross.

What belongs to Jesus?-His righteousness. He gives his righteousness to the law keeper and the law breaker and everyone in between.

Do we begrudge Jesus' generosity?


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