Quotes from Three Free Sins

I recently finished Three Free Sins by Steve Brown from Key Life Network.  This is a great book that reminds us that God's not mad at us.  Here are some of my favorite quotes:
Self-righteousness is addictive...self-righteousness starts with convictions (a good thing), then moves to discussion (another good thing), and finally falls into the devil's trinity of dismissal, demonization, and destruction (some very bad things).
I found out that it really isn't about me and my faithfulness, perfection, and obedience. It's about Another, who is perfect in his faithfulness and obedience.
The truly amazing thing about the whole incident (Genesis 17) is that it was God--and God alone--who walked down the path between the cut-up animals. God was saying that Abram wasn't required to do anything, to obey the laws of the covenant, to be faithful, or anything else. That was God's business; he would fulfill all the requirements and obligations of the covenant!
What God starts, he always finishes. The very fact that he started his work in you is an absolute promise that you will be completed...so lighten up and go live your life.
God isn't the God they told you about. He isn't out to destroy you, demean you, embarrass you, or kick you out.
Satan annoys, troubles, frightens, and lies; but he never wins.
When you come to Christ and know that you're forgiven, the first thing you ought to experience is a freedom that you've never know before...If I were the devil, I would try to keep you from ever seeing that.
The wolves were those who would pervert the gospel. And at the same time, they were (and are) often those who seem to be the most obedient, the most godly, and the most spiritual.
one should always interpret the Old Testament by the New Testament and the different parts of Scripture by the whole.
If Jesus covered all your sins on the cross, you don't have to cover them. They are already covered. If God has put the incredible goodness and obedience of Jesus Christ into your account, there's enough and you don't have to add to it...If there was a correlation between our obedience and his discipline, we would have been destroyed a long time ago.



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