Caring for Your Carcass by Paul Klassen

3 John 2

What is the soul? Our inmost being. The life center of humans
Our soul was created for union with God. 
Soul aching is not necessarily a sign of unhealth.
It's a battleground of our life. We need to tend to the soul.
1 Peter 2:25

What does tending to the soul look like? 
We need to be connected in real time with Jesus (abide)
Jesus intercedes for us.
Word of God is essential. 
I wanted to encounter the author of the Word not just the words of Scripture.
The Shepherd will lead us to what we need for the day.
Our souls need cleansing
Make amends for our mistakes
Hidden Tormentors 
Our identity is so important
We need deep spiritual friendships
Our soul flourishes with gratitude 


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