Whole and Connected: discipleship for work, life, play, and everything in between-Trevor Lee

Sometimes in language things can get lost in translation

Two Thoughts from Genesis 17:1-2
be blameless-Hebrew word, tamim means complete, whole, entire, sound, healthful, innocent,         having integrity
Not just about morality, but also who he was becoming
Genesis 6:9
Similar word in Greek-teleios-Matthew 5:48
Discipleship is the process of becoming whole (tamim)
Discipleship has to be about every area of life.
Trailhead example: vocation-"our call to bear the image of God faithfully by living with God for the world"

walk before me faithfully-Hebrew word, halak means walk, panim means face
Genesis 3, Genesis 6:9
Similar word in NT-Abide-John 15:4;Dwell-Revelation 21:3 
Discipleship is intimate, ongoing connection to God.
Discipleship has to be about every moment of life. 
Trailhead example: Notebook that fits in pocket. Inside 2 Questions: "What is God saying and how are you responding?" "What is God doing and how can you join him?


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