Names of God: Helper

We often forget.  We see throughout history the Israelites and the church forgetting. We need to be reminded often of who God is in Scripture, church history and in our lives and churches.

The names of God are important because these names are not just what God does, it is who He is.  I hope this will encourage you as you are reminded of how good, great, and awesome our God is.

Jesus tells his disciples that He will ask the Father to send a "paraclete" which can be translated as a helper, counselor, comforter, or advocate.  Here is one of the definitions from Blue Letter Bible:  one who pleads another's cause before a judge, a pleader, counsel for defense, legal assistant, an advocate
16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, (John 14:16)

What it reminds me?  This name for the Holy Spirit reminds us that He is our helper or counselor or advocate.  When we are afraid and don't know what to do, we have the Paraclete on our side.  He will guide us into all truth.  Because of the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives as believers, we are never alone.


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