Bobby Harrington on "Discipleship and the Word"

270 X disciple; 3 X Christian

Define a disciple.  Matthew 4:19-Empowered by the H.S. informed by Jesus on mission with Jesus

Make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20)Trusting presence of God as we enter into relationships with people.

I will trust and follow Jesus. The only way to obey Jesus is thru power of Holy Spirit and living in community.

6 Elements of Discipleship Lifestyle (applicable in every life situation)

Contrast between classroom discipleship and intentional relationship discipleship 
There will be a classroom side of things, but Jesus focus was different.

Two contexts of discipleship: public and private

Principles of Discipleship

1. The Bible is the manual for Discipleship. Embed the Bible in everything.
2. When attending to it, the Bible (Word) creates Faith
3. The Bible teaches us how to "renew our minds."
4. The Bible teaches us how to think obediently. The battle is in what I think & believe.
5. The Bible will protect us from false teaching.
6. The Bible must be studied with a mind sensitive to the Spirit of God.
7. Study the Bible with a Focus on Jesus Christ and His Gospel
8. The Benefits of Knowing and Living the Word. (Psalm 1, Psalm 119)


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