James Meeks at #Exponential

Speaking about preaching at Exponential: If this guy made it, I can make it too.

In a recent survey, we were horrible in most areas. We received highest marks on getting results.

Preaching the announcements-whatever you want them to do or know.
Sermon is most powerful tool God has given to the pastor.

Mark 2-Four men brought their friend to Jesus-Sermon he entitled "A Desperate Disciple"

We believe Jesus is the answer. So, we need to get our friends to Jesus.

Matthew 8:14-Desperate People Serve
When Jesus touches you and you are delivered, you start serving.

Whatever you want people to do, make it a sermon.  Preach the announcements.

Believe in the power of the gospel. Preaching the announcements must be biblically based.

Using your preaching time wisely.


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